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Day Trips from Civitavecchia

Image by Caleb Miller

The Real Rome
Let's Go

Full-Day Private Shore Excursion to Rome from Civitavecchia port

Duration of the tour: 8 hours

Half Day Tour

Duration of the tour: 4 hours


  • See the wonderful St. Peter's Basilica and the homonymous square

  • Stroll out from the Colosseum

  • Throw a coin in the emblematic Trevi Fountain

  • Be enchanted by the Fountain of the Four Rivers by Bernini in Piazza Navona

  • Try the delicious artisan ice cream in Sant'Eustachio square

The ideal tour for those who disembark at Civitavecchia port during one of their cruise stops. Join this private tour of Rome by minivan led by an English-speaking driver around the most important cultural and historical sites of Rome:

  • Colosseum

  • Pantheon

  • Spanish Square

  • Trevi Fountain

  • Vatican and more

You will find the driver attending with a sign with your name written on it. During your tour, your driver will give you some basic information about the sights.

Once in Rome, the first stop will be the Circus Maximus to enjoy a spectacular view of the Palatine Hill, then you will head into the area of ​​the Imperial Forum to visit one of the most representative monuments of Rome, the Colosseum.

The second stop on your tour will be the unforgettable Trevi Fountain, remember to throw a coin into the fountain, an auspicious ritual and a promise to return to Rome.

Afterwards, you will move to Piazza di Spagna or Spanish Steps, an internationally renowned place both for artistic and cultural reasons and to be a symbol of Italian fashion, particularly in Via Dei Condotti you will find boutiques of the most famous Italian and foreign fashion Maison. At the bottom of the Spanish Steps, you can admire the famous Fontana della Barcaccia carved in the Baroque period by Pietro Bernini and his son Gian Lorenzo Bernini.

Then you will move to Piazza Della Rotonda, where you will find another important Roman building: the Pantheon. Then the tour will continue to Piazza Navona, dominated by its famous fountains: Fontana Dei Fiumi and Fontana del Moro.

You will have a lunch break at a snack bar or in a characteristic osteria or pizzeria in the city centre.

In the afternoon we will stop at the Vatican where you can visit the square and the Basilica of St. Peter’s. Inside you can admire "La Pietà" by Michelangelo, the gilded bronze canopy by Bernini and other important works.

Return to Civitavecchia will be on time to board your ship.


Tarquinia & Tuscania
Let's Go

Alternative excursion by minivan

Durata of the tour: 6 hours


  • Pick up/drop off directly at your ship gangway

  • A fun and informative private English speaking driver

  • Discover Tarquinia in a tour through its Ancient Walls and the Necropolis.

  • Enjoy Tuscania and its medieval center

  • Food Tasting or light lunch in a typical trattoria

When you arrive in Tarquinia, your driver will drop you off in a central location so you can explore the city on your own. Visit the Etruscan museum, where you can see well-preserved sarcophagi (ancient coffins carved from stone) and frescoes from the 6th to 1st centuries BC.

Walk to the Etruscan necropolis to see one of the most beautiful and well-preserved tombs of the ancient world. You can also visit the aristocratic Palazzo Vitelleschi, a masterpiece of Gothic-Renaissance architecture and the Church of Santa Maria in Castello to the “Torrione”, the tower known as the Tower of Matilde di Canossa, from which you can admire the impressive panorama.


We will leave to our next destination, Tuscania, a magnificent example of a city carved with tuff. Here your driver can recommend some typical trattoria, where you can enjoy a nice and relaxing lunch or a tasting menu of the local food and wine.

After lunch, you will have some time available to discover the medieval historical centre with the beautiful Roman Basilica of San Pietro. The interior has massive 11th-century columns with beautiful symbols and decorative pavings.

After this interesting day, you will return to Civitavecchia in perfect time to board your ship.

santa severa_edited.jpg

Santa Severa
Let's Go

Alternative excursion to Santa Severa by minivan

Duration of the tour: 4 hours


  • Pick up / drop off at the port of Civitavecchia

  • Private driver available for the whole duration of the tour

  • Visit of the Castle of Santa Severa

  • Fortress and Castle Museum Virtual reality experience

  • Visit to the Civic Museum of the Sea and Ancient Navigation

  • Pyrgi Antiquarium

  • Wine tasting and visit of the vineyards (Cento Corvi wine estate)

  • Access to free and private beach and possibility to have a swim in the most beautiful area of the Tyrrhenian coast.

An alternative shore excursion from the port of Civitavecchia! Spend 4 hours with a private driver and luxury vehicle to visit the Santa Severa Castle. 

You will learn about Etruscan, Roman and Medieval Italy.

The perfect destination for those who want to visit the old Medieval district and also spend a relaxing day by the sea! Thanks to the recent restoration work, the Castle of Santa Severa is starting to become one of the most important cultural centres in the northern coastline of Rome. The above-mentioned interventions have brought to light a Domus Romana from Imperial times in the Rock courtyard area, a necropolis and an Early Christian church from the fifth century. Once you get to the Castle, we recommend visiting the Maritime and Ancient Navigation Museum, a space where you can go back over the Etruscan history of Pyrgi. Besides the remains of Etruscan and Roman ships discovered not far from the coast, the museum offers specific itineraries related to maritime culture and ancient navigation. Visit also the courtyard behind the museum, where you will find some ancient amphoras on display.

We will also bring you to local wine producers that have created a series of local gastronomic products and wines. A marvellous trip through local culture, archaeology, culinary tradition and wonderful landscapes.

Let’s go

A day in Civitavecchia between food tasting and culture

Duration of the tour: 4 hours


  • Spend your day in Civitavecchia learning about Roman history and culture while tasting authentic delicacies and drinking Italian wine

  • Walk through the typical open market and the historic centre of Civitavecchia.

  • Visit the Cathedral of  Francesco d’Assisi

  • Piazza Aurelio Saffi and Chiesa dell`Orazione

  • Piazza Leandra and Chiesa della Stella

  • The Jewish ghetto

  • Enjoy the Ancient Port with its walls, The Michelangelo Fortress, Porta Livorno and the Vanvitelli Fountain

  • The Marina and the Pirgo, an ornate pier that leads to a very small island

A pleasant and relaxing walk through the central streets of our town that combine food, wine, and history in one half-day walking tour in the center of Civitavecchia.

You will visit the Cathedral of Francesco d’Assisi which overlooks the sea, the historic centre of Civitavecchia, the typical open market where you will meet the typical smells, flavours and colours of the Italian culture and the best products of the Mediterranean diet. Visit the National Archaeological Museum with its three floors of history. In it, you can find Roman and Etruscan sculptures and finds.

Walking along with the port of the emperor Traiano you will see Porta Livorno, a big gate in the boundary wall of the port, Michelangelo Fortress which is one of the biggest fortresses ever built,  and the Vanvitelli Fountain. Then continue until the Pirgo, an ornate pier that leads to a very small and, maybe, man-maid island just off the main beach, where there are nice views of the seafront.

After the cultural tour through the streets of the town centre, you can do shopping and you can have a light lunch or a food and wine tasting in one of the beautiful streets of the historical centre.  

This tour is perfect for those who wish to take the habits and history of Roman Italy and enjoy the taste of authentic Italian products.


Civitavecchia - Airport
Let’s go

Transfer service from Fiumicino airport to Civitavecchia & viceversa

Punctual and fast!

        Free baggage allowance: 1 large suitcase + 1 carry on + hand baggage per person.


•    Licensed professional driver.

•    The driver will assist you with basic information and suggestions.

•    Prices include all taxes and fees, no hidden costs.

Pre - and Post-Cruise Hotel Package

The package includes: Overnight in twin, continental breakfast buffet.

Prices starting from 80,00€ per night.

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